Year End Awards


Year End Awards


At the end of the year your points are added together for a year end prize. To be eligible you will pay an extra $50 per division.

  • OPEN: Open to all ropers who are skilled headers and heelers, and can handle cattle proficiently. Open Ropers may not enter Intermediate or Novice Divisions.

  • INTERMEDIATE: Open to all ropers who can handle their horse and at least heel cattle proficiently who are not entering the Open division.

  • NOVICE: Open to all ropers who are not entering the Open or Intermediate Divisions. You may enter on a separate team in the Intermediate Division.

  • LADIES: Open to all lady ropers, regardless of age or experience.

  • VIEJOS: Open to all ropers age 65 and over, regardless of gender or experience.

  • YOUTH: Open to all young men and women age 16 and younger.

You will want to decide which division you are roping in when you sign up for a roping. If you are an Open roper, you may ONLY enter the Open division. unless you are a lady, youth, or viejo.

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