Two Ways to Register:  Mail or Online

To register for an upcoming event, you may do so either by mail or online. In either case, please check the Registration deadline dates.  Also, be sure to review the Roping Rules that govern our event, and our sample Score Sheet, as these items change from year to year.  

To Register By Mail:

REGISTRATION FOR SUMMER SOLSTICE RANCH ROPING WILL OPEN JUNE 1.  [Once open, these instructions will apply:  Download and complete the Registration and Participation/Release forms below.  Send completed forms with your check for the entry fees to the listed address on our Contact page in order to be entered into the event. If you are reserving stalls and/or RV hookups, please indicate that on your Registration form and include fees in your payment.]

REGISTRATION FOR RANCH HORSE VERSATILITY WILL OPEN JUNE 1. , AND WILL BE HANDLED THE DAY OF THE EVENT. You can be ready ahead of time by mailing your registration in, as registrations are first come first served and entries are limited. Otherwise, bring your completed registration form with you to the event, and pay at the window.  Download and complete the Registration and Participation/Release forms below.  

To Register Online:

REGISTRATION FOR SPIRIT OF THE WEST RANCH ROPING WILL OPEN JUNE 1. . [These instructions will apply: Click on the Registration Link below to go to our online Registration page.  This link will become active on June 1st.  (You may need to hit 'refresh' on your online browser.)  You will enter separately for each team you are roping on, and add it to your 'cart.'    If you are reserving stalls and/or RV hookups, you'll use those links to make your reservations and add those to your 'cart' as well.  Checkout will include all fees in your payment, except your 2018 CTRR Membership fee, which you may either pay at the event, or download the membership form on the "Join CTRR" page of this website and send in with a check prior to the event.]

Registration Deadlines

        Spirit of the West:  January 1 - February 1, 2018

        Summer Solstice:   June 1-July 1, 2018

2017-18 Rules

Time limits, points given for fancy shots, points deducted - all of these scoring items differ between roping organizations.  Our Ranch Roping rules differ markedly from other ropings. We encourage everyone to take a look at our 2017 Rules and sample Score Sheet prior to registering.