Roping Divisions

We have several divisions in which ropers may enter.  You'll enter the division that you feel is most appropriate for your skill set. Yep, we're on the old 'Honor System':

  • OPEN:  Open to all ropers who are skilled headers and heelers, and can handle cattle proficiently. Open Ropers may not enter Intermediate or Novice Divisions.
  • INTERMEDIATE:  Open to all ropers who can handle their horse and at least heel cattle proficiently who are not entering the Open division. 
  • NOVICE:  Open to all ropers who are not entering the Open or Intermediate Divisions. You may enter on a separate team in the Intermediate Division.
  • LADIES:  Open to all lady ropers, regardless of age or experience.
  • VIEJOS: Open to all ropers age 65 and over, regardless of gender or experience.
  • YOUTH:  Open to all young men and women age 16 and younger.

You will want to decide which division you are roping in when you sign up for a roping. If you are an Open roper, you may ONLY enter the Open division for membership, unless you are a lady, youth, or viejos. Each division you enter in has a $50 dollar annual membership fee except the Youth division. 

So, for example, if you are a lady roper, you might enter in Open/Intermediate/or Novice and the Ladies Division.  Your annual fee would be $100, and you would be competing for year end prizes in both divisions.  Or, you may decide to only compete in Ladies, with an annual fee of $50.  

Here's another example: you are a cowboy entered in Intermediate, and not younger than 16 or older than 64, the only division you are eligible for is Intermediate.  Your annual fee is $50.

Membership Benefits

Cowboy Traditions offers all of our ropers an opportunity for annual membership.  The fees from the membership registration will go towards year-end prizes for each division.

Once you decide which division to register in, and send in the Membership Application below, your roping scores in our events are automatically tallied for year end awards.

The annual membership fee is just $50!

Join Today!

Apply for membership between now and Day 1 of our Summer Solstice Ranch Roping, and apply points to year end award tallies!